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Feb 27, 2011 at 08:00 AM

The older of the two United Kingdom breed clubs; the Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club was originally formed in 1908 under its President Lady Dunleath. The Club ran several breed confined Field Trials over a few years but then seems to have disappeared, presumably with the onset of the First World War

On 14th May 1989, an inaugural meeting was held at Newbury in Berkshire with the purpose of reforming this historic Club. Now able to boast a membership of over 180 people, members include professional gamekeepers and field trialers, the top handlers in the breed for two decades in the United Kingdom in both field trials and gundog working test and owners who rough shoot, pick –up and beat with their Irish Water Spaniels. It is the only breed club in the world solely catering for the welfare of the working Irish Water Spaniel.

The Club achieved Kennel Club recognition as a breed club in 2004 and was awarded Field Trial status in 2009. The Club is extremely proud to have the current Lord Dunleath as Patron and was honoured to welcome him to the centenary working weekend at Chillington Hall in 2008.

As a rapidly growing Club, it is true to say that most people seriously interested in the IWS as a working gundog are members of the Club.

Katy the only Irish Water Spaniel to have been awarded both prestigious F.T. trophies by the I.W.S.A and I.W.S.C for her A.V. Open Stake win in Ireland.


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