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Jul 29, 2014 at 12:00 AM

Please note: all stud dogs (and breeding bitches) should be hip scored as an absolute minimum, and the results known before mating. On 1st November 2009 the British Vetenary Association / Kennel Club Hip Dysplasia scheme, published a breed mean score of 17 for an Irish Water Spaniel.  It is therefore recommended that any dog / bitch with a total hip score higher than 17 is not used for breeding.

Recent advice from the BVA and The Kennel Club also recommends that animals with an elbow score greater than 1 are not used for breeding.

Please click HERE to see an important letter relating to Elbow Dysplacia and the SIWSC Stud Dog Register.

Turnervale Czar at Cuvana (Czar)

DOB: 11/04/2012

Sire: Kirkmarsh Mr Doyle of Hiberna

Dam: Doels Dervla

Hips: 5/5 total 10

Elbows: 0

Eyes: Clear

Contact: Sue Hempstead

Tel: 07764 154401


Website:  www.cuvana.co.uk

A truly dual purpose Irish Water Spaniel who has been placed in working tests and championship shows and is already picking up on local shoots.


Corcoran Cass (Cass)

DOB: 23/05/2007

Sire: Cuvana Loutre de Mer

Dam: Wherstead Siskin

Hips: 5/4 total 9

Elbows: 1

Contact: John Rolfe

Tel: 01435 864221

Heathfield, East Sussex


Killountain Captain (Captain)

DOB: 08/11/2004

Sire: Radicott Waterbug

Dam: Killountain Cley

Hips: 3/5 total 8 


Eyes: Clear

Contact: Lois Ferrans

Tel: 01704541051

Scarisbrook, Southport



Mizenhead Murphy 

DOB: 09/10/2008

Sire: Grainne's Pirate at Kirkmarsh (USA)

Dam: Kirkmarsh Charmer

Hips: 4/5 total 9

Elbows: 0

Contact: Mike Wall

Tel: 01332 833557



Fendrake's Island Prince (Dillon)

DOB: 10/01/2011

Sire: Kirkmarsh Mr Doyle of Hiberna

Dam: KirkmarshRoisin Dubh at Fendrake

KC Reg Number: AM00758304

Hips: 5/8

Elbows: 0

Eyes Clear (July 2013)

He has a very good nose and has worked both beating and picking up, including working in water.  He is showing promise in working tests.  He is steady to shot and in the line and has a very good temperament.

Contact: Wendy Perera


 Mr McKgent (Wrinks)

DOB 18/6/09

Sire : Killountain Irish Coronet

Dam : Henergy Sea Urchin

Hips : 6 and 2

Eyes : Clear

Contact : Ed and Hazel Nelson Dumfriesshire. 01387 810002 /


Picking Up at least 4 days per week.

Competes regularly in Galloway Gundogs working tests throughout the


Winner Rockmoor Challenge Perpetual Trophy 2012.



Angus Bran Mac Febail  

DOB 03/05/09

Austrian CH 03/03/2013

Sire : Brendan V.H. Nardinc Bastion (Netherlands)

Dam : Gloris z Rohateckych luk (Austria)

Hips : A

Eyes : Clear

Contact : Ingrid Lamprecht 

A-8472 Straß i. Stmk., Kasernstr.9
Tel: +43 664 52 17 758


Other health tests recommended for IWS are elbow scoring and eye tests.

If you wish to be included on the stud dog register please contact Tina Mail on 01258 471071 or email: 


CLA Gamefair report HERE

The results of the Breed Confined Working Test on the 6th July 2014 are available HERE