Dahab - Day 4 & 5

Really chilled and relaxed couple of days, the weather is constantly delivering 35 degrees and all day sunshine, the only downside to the place is the food which is beyond bad, I had my first totally edible meal today and given that it was a burger and chips gives you some idea of how bad the food is, Tomorrow is a big day for Teresa as she will be coming out exploring the house reef with me. I will take some pictures as I have managed to get the GoPro working again..

Teresa’s watch has not turned up and things are not looking good as she remembers putting in a bag next to her lounger on the beach, I was diving so not around. In the bag was her watch, 125 Egyptian Pounds, her top and shorts. The top and shorts are still there and the watch and money gone so it looks like theft rather than an accidental loss.

There are some great people watching opportunities here, there are a number Russians here and not only do they all smoke, constantly, the women and girls all dress like hookers, I am not complaining at all but it could be very confusing for any prospective punters. Watching them teetering around in 6 inch high porno shoes and micro hot pants in the restaurant almost makes up for the poor food.

Here is a picture of Teresa, she is not a Russian and is not dressed like a hooker Happy