Dahab - Day 3

They say its good to get your bad days over early in the holiday, so hopefully it will all be plain sailing from now on. Up at the crack of dawn to head out for a check/orientation dive with the dive centre. Seven of us went out and given that it was going to be a lightening trip around the house reef I did not take a camera. All the usual exercises, mask off, regs out and discarded and a buddy breath with a simulated accent. All went well so we headed off around some wonderful blocks of coral that were teaming with life, lots of scorpion fish, a couple of big lion fishes and a big napoleon being the highlights for the big stuff, at a cleaning station there were some lovely little shrimps plus the ever present wrass looking to nibble at anything that looks like it should not be there. so, all in all the morning went well.

Back in the afternoon to spend some time on the blocks with the camera. Why do the people who run dive schools always try and mess you about. I told them the weights I wanted and I sorted my belt and had a great dive in the morning, they however thought I should try reducing the weight on my belt and add a tank weight, not a big issue so to please them I gave it a go. One of them then reconfigured my kit (I know it is ultimately down to me.) The walk down to the jetty is quite long but we eventually made it into the water, the configuration was not that bad and all went well till we got to 10 meters then the tank slipped down out of the straps landed behind my knees and almost pulled the regulator out of my mouth. Someone spent 10 minutes trying to fix it, no joy, I then took off my BCD and tried to do it myself, not easy at 10 meters surrounded by fragile corral and at one stage a significantly pissed of lion fish. I could not get it sorted, the tank was way too low in the strap and the tank weight did not help at all. The rest of the dive I spent with the camera clipped on and unused, my BCD loosened right off and pulled up like a bra with me holding the cylinder in place with my hands behind my back! I had to do this to get the weight up my back as far as I could as my feet were being forced down and also to give me enough hose for my regulator so I could turn my head.

A seriously far from fun hour under water !!

I took a couple of pictures just to show how impressive the colours are if you can get some light down there.

(Oh and just to round thing off Teresa has lost her watch, it was a present from me, and no matter how many times I tell her it was only a watch she is storming around looking like she has he weight of the world on her shoulders.)

A meagre sampling of soft and hard corals ……