Getting Christmas Dinner

Spent a long weekend with Andrew on our lease just outside Eskdalemuir, in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. The weather was pretty typical, sunshine on Friday, fog on Saturday and rain on Sunday.

It is a very steep piece of land so there is quite a bit of work to do getting up to the top where there is a large area of clear fell with new saplings, of course getting up there is only half of it, getting down carrying whatever you have shot is the really hard work.

Here are a few pictures taken with a P&S to give you a feel of the place. I have included a picture of our luxury 5 Star accommodation, so you can see just how refined are sojourns into Scotland are.

And yes we do have meat for Christmas Happy

The start of a long climb up to the tops. This was originally a quad track, but is no longer suitable for any means of transport other than on foot.

With the sun directly at my back, I set off up the hill.

One of the boundary rides leading up to the clear fell.



Some views over the clear fell.

Andrew looking for dinner.

An advert for Cabela’s.

Home sweet home.