Dahab - Day 7 & 8

We are staying at the Mercure Dahab Bay Hotel, it is a couple of kilometres outside Dahab and is a small almost village like complex nestled on the slope between the Sinai Desert and the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia is clearly visible over the water. The complex is almost empty and the place has the feel of the Prisoner television series in the 70s, it is not quite Portmerion but not a million miles away.

Here are a couple of pictured taken from the main pool to give you an idea.



The dive centre is within the complex, it is a German run operation, and is one of the most efficient and friendly dive centres I have ever come across. Their kit is first rate and the they have all that is required for try-mix technical diving, as well as the usual air, nitrox and any other hardware that may be required. Nikki who runs the place is incredibly friendly and knowledgable.



Yesterdays diving was all very technical so no room to take a camera but it was an excellent dive and I reached depths I had never got to before. Today was much more recreational, we went in search on Nudibranchs and found them, hard to think that finding two inch long yellow and black slugs can be so exciting, but it is.




There was plenty of other stuff to see, so here is a sample.










Here is an observation test for you can you spot the fish?



And this is how close it was to an Anemone Fish family